Cuba detects first imported Zika case

The Venezuelan doctor was detected 37.5 degree fever on February 22 and the next day rash began to show on her face and body, along with pain in her articulations. The doctor was hospitalized on February 24 at Havana´s Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute, where she is still being taken care of, according to the announcement.

The patient has not showed more fever and keeps in good general conditions, while the rash has begun to fade out, and no conjunctivitis was observed.

The doctor said that her husband was clinically diagnosed Zika two months ago, and her brother in law was also affected by the disease two weeks, before the doctor travelled to the island.

A first Zika test on February 25 was negative for the doctor, but a repeat of the test on February 28 proved positive, said the Health Ministry and added that the other professionals under sanitary control have not presented any symptoms.

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