Raul Castro Reelected First Secretary of Cuban Communist Party

Meanwhile, the Political Bureau of the CCPCC was comprised of 17 members, among which are included, as well as the first and Second Secretary, Miguel Diaz-Canel, Esteban Lazo, Ramiro Valdés, Salvador Valdes, Leopoldo Cintra and Bruno Rodríguez.

Also in this structure are Marino Murillo, Mercedes López, Álvaro López and Ramon Espinosa, to whom another five new members are joined: Ulises Guilarte, Roberto Morales, Miriam Nicado, Teresa Amarelle and Marta Ayala.

The Secretariat, meanwhile, is composed by Machado, Abelardo Álvarez, José Ramón Balaguer, Olga Lidia Tapia, Jorge Cuevas and Omar Ruiz.

Speaking to nearly 1,000 delegates and 280 guests present in the PCC Congress, Raúl Castro highlighted that 142 members of the Central Committee elected the day before have an average age of 54.5 years, less than the departed from the 6th Congress in 2011.

He also stressed that the representation of women grew, compared to the previous meeting and reaches 44 percent, something that also happened with the number of blacks and mestizos, with 36 percent.


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