Wetland south of Los Palacios, relevant corridor for migratory birds

This area is included in the corridor of migratory birds that come from the northern United States and Canada to the Caribbean Islands, where they find habitat for reproduction.

“We identified 99 species involved in ecosystem dynamics”, said Master of Science Alieny Alfonso González, assistant professor of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Havana and member of study team for several years in the area.

“The figure far exceeds other Cuban wetlands and with high population values of American White Pelican and the from genus Calidris Ferrughnea, which are rare for Cuba.”

– What is the impact on the ecosystem the presence of these birds?

“They promote nutrient recycling to the mangrove, rice and other plantation crops, They, as well participate in the cyclical flow of energy in the environment, thus contributing to productivity and life processes taking place in the structure.”

– Does this site have international relevance?

“Indeed it does, it is one of the 28 IBAS (stands for Area of International Importance for Birds) that the country has.”

“Currently, specialists from various institutions from the municipality and the country work in the documentation for declaring the zone protected area status.”

With view to preserve the wetland, several Project as Basis for Local Environmental Sustainability Food and Local Agricultural Innovation in International Collaboration perform educational activities with families, students and close to the coastal ecosystem labor staffs.


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