Cuba Reaffirms Commitment to Safeguard Heritage at UNESCO

‘The prestige that Cuba has gained at UNESCO has been evidenced in its commitment to continue the work related to the intangible cultural heritage of our country,’ Collazo said.

‘This is a new challenge that will boost efforts and policies drawn so far to safeguard the different expressions of traditional folk culture,’ she said.

Referring to the actions the Commission has carried out for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Caribbean nation, she said her country would continue working on the inventory and registration of popular festivals, customs and local traditions to declare them part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

‘Son, Rumba, Repentismo (folk music improvise), Cigar Factory Readings, Carnivals in the central region and recently the Rum Masters Knowledge, have this distinction so far,’ she stated.

Cuba’s ambassador to UNESCO, Dulce Buergo, talked of the importance they will give, with their permanent delegation in Paris, to these national efforts, as well as facilitating the dissemination and greater knowledge of these popular traditions, customs and festivals, which are inextricably linked to ‘our culture and identity’.

With their election, Cuba begins a four-year period on the Committee, during which they will reaffirm their constant effort, political will and commitment to the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, diplomatic sources stressed.

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