National Electoral Commission releases preliminary data

The Commission also offered preliminary data regarding participation and the number of spoiled ballots during the March 11 elections.

Of the over eight million Cubans on the electoral register, 82.90% came out to vote.
While, of the total ballots cast 5.6% were spoiled or left blank and 94.6% were valid, more than seen during the 2012-2013 elections. The official numbers are yet to be confirmed and final results will be announced shortly, according to the CNE.

Preliminary figures:

   Total number of voters: 8,926,575
   Voter turnout: 7,399, 891 (82.90%)
   Number that voted for both Deputies to National Assembly
   and Provincial representatives: 80.44%
   Number that voted for one or the other: 19.56%
   Number that didn’t vote: 18.10%
   Valid ballots: 94.42%
   Spoiled: 1.26%
   Left blank: 4.32%

Votes were being counted right the way through late Sunday night in each one of the 24,470 polling stations nationwide. This information is processed and entered into a computer system before deputies and delegates are officially announced.

With these elections the Cuban people reaffirmed their commitment to the future of the country, currently undergoing various socio-economic changes with a view to developing a prosperous and sustainable socialist model.

According to the election schedule, provincial assemblies will be constituted this coming March 25, while April 19 will see the new members of the Cuban Parliament announced as well as the election of the President, Vice President and Secretary of the National Assembly; and members of the Council of State, its President, First Vice President and vice presidents.


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