Cuba ratifies its commitment to fighting corruption at UN Human Rights Council

In an interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Diego García-Sayán, Cuban representative Jairo Rodríguez said that the island had successfully completed two cycles of the review mechanism for the United Nations Convention against Corruption, reported Prensa Latina.

The work to implement recommendations derived from this process continues, he said in the forum framed in the 44th Ordinary Session of the Council, which ends on Friday in Geneva.

According to the diplomat, Cuba attaches great importance to the issue of independence, impartiality and probity of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and comptrollers, an issue widely discussed in the comments of the rapporteur and speakers from various countries.

Rodríguez insisted on Cuba’s position to advocate for the treatment of the issue of the fight against corruption from a strict adherence to the principles and purposes of the UN Charter, in particular sovereignty and equality among States.

Regarding the report presented by García-Sayán, he said that Cuba “generally shares many of the proposals contained therein and is already implementing many of its recommendations.”


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