Lies and omissions

Once there, the resident spoke at Southern Command headquarters and the church called the Jesus Worship Center, founded by Cuban-born pastor Frank López and the place where some members of counterrevolutionary terrorist groups meet.

As has been previously denounced, one of the members of such a select congregation was Alexander Alazo, the man who shot at the Cuban embassy in Washington and who is currently enjoying the protection of the United States.

In his speeches, Trump told several lies and also committed significant omissions, showing not the slightest concern for the population, seriously affected by the COIVD-19 pandemic.

On Saturday alone, Florida declared 15 thousand new cases, and there are already 270,500 infected people, with 4,200 dead.

At the Southern Command, The Donald lied when said that the alleged anti-drug operation carried out against Venezuela about three months ago, had been a resounding success.  He may have some problems in geography, but in any case we could remind him that the drugs consumed by U.S. citizens, the world’s largest market, are produced and exported in Colombia, whose president is Trump’s great friend.  Other substances come from the neighboring Mexico, and opioids from the militarily occupied Afghanistan.  Venezuela is not recognized as a drug producer or seller.

The U.S. president also confirmed that the aggressions against Cuba and Venezuela will continue, which, according to him, are under control.  A piece of monumental nonsense.

During his speech at the Jesus Worship Center, he promised to defeat socialism, but forgot to mention that this system endowed Cuba with the worldwide success in the fight against cOVID-19, which certainly causes the envy of many Americans.

A significant intervention was also given by pastor Mario Bramnick, who told Trump that he is the only one who stands between socialism and capitalism.  This guy — Mario Bramnick — deserves personalized treatment in another commentary, but it’s important to note that he has an office in the White House, is a member of the Trump campaign team and an important part of the Zionist lobby towards Latin America. 

Edited by Ed Newman


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