Canadian travel website Travelzoo chooses Cuba as a safe destination despite the world crisis

The information of the e-journal, mainly addressed to tourism professionals, refers that through a recent survey Travelzoo defined as key for travelers to return to the Caribbean the capacity of the destinations in this region to provide timely and accurate information on travel restrictions.

The cleaning and disinfection protocols implemented, the safety of visitors, a low or decreasing number of positive cases to COVID-19 and the available flights were other factors that highlighted the participants to choose the tourist destination.

For Canadians, Cuba leads the list, followed by the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas and Barbados, in that order.

Travelzoo, a travel platform with more than 30 million members worldwide, considers that tourism in the region may be ready to operate following travel restrictions and establishment closures due to the pandemic.

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