Bridges of Love criticizes Biden’s inaction towards #Cuba

In remarks to Prensa Latina, Lazo said he thinks it is positive that creating a commission to analyze the sending of remittances to Cuba and another to study an increase in the number of workers in the Washington embassy in Havana was announced.

But such measures are insufficient and are very similar to what the Biden administration has been stating for the past six months, he said and encouraged continued pressure for change in this regard.

What about family reunification, with the people who have been waiting for years to be reunited with their loved ones, he asked.

In the activist’s opinion, the new declarations of the Biden administration appear to be more of the same as what happened in these months in which the White House said it was studying the policies towards Cuba.

President Biden, said Lazo, lift the sanctions that weigh on the island, listen to the Cuban-American community that wants the best for their families.

If politicians do not keep their promises, that brings consequences, and they must pay for them at the ballot box, with the lack of support from the people he disappointed, the Cuban-American professor considered.

Biden is not well-advised on Cuba and listens to a group in the Florida Democratic Party that considers that ‘this is the golden moment’ to tighten the noose on the people of Cuba amid a pandemic and suffocate the people there to bring about regime change, he regretted.

Bridges of Love will continue to press for the lifting of sanctions against the island. Next July 25, they will arrive in their walk in front of the White House to convey these demands, Lazo stressed.

No one will stop this, he said. We will continue building Bridges of Love between peoples and calling for an end to the measures against Cuba.


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