#Cubans living abroad denounce campaigns against their country

In a joint communiqué published on the Nation and Emigration website, the Cuban nationals also condemned the reinforcement of the U.S. blockade at a time when the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak.

The text demands the immediate cessation of that cruel siege, in addition to firmly rejecting any interference in the internal affairs of the Caribbean country under the guise of an alleged ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Likewise, it rejects the recent terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in France and vandalism against other Cuban diplomatic headquarters in different parts of the world.

These are reprehensible acts that violate international law, the document points out, and recalls that they also violate the laws of the territories where they have occurred due to hostile rhetoric, manipulation, and calls for violence from the United States.

Despite the genocidal policy of its northern neighbors, Cuba is not alone, states the communiqué, which also acknowledges the multiple expressions of support and solidarity towards the island from governments, friends from all over the planet, and nationals residing abroad.


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