U.S. has no creativity or courage to change policy toward #Cuba

In his opinion, this is one of core factors why the Biden administration maintains Donald Trump´s 243 sanctions on Cuba unchanged, tightening the economic blockade imposed on Cuba.

In addition, it is added the dispute over the Cuban-American vote in Florida, as Democrats intend to win elections there showing an aggressive stance or even more aggressive than that of Trump, Pertierra said in an interview with Mundo20/20 program aired by Cubavisión International.

According to Pertierra, that´s a wrong idea, an opinion supported by Ben Rhodes, one of the architects of former President Barack Obama’s policy toward Cuba, for whom the strategy should be different from Trump’s.

Obama -with his approach- was supported by more Cubans who thought differently from the wealthy minority of Miami, but Biden has no these advisers and his, on the contrary, advise him to be in league with ‘Trumpists’.


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