Health and cooperation on Cuba’s horizon in the face of the blockade

Scientific breakthroughs in the field of health and international cooperation were highlighted during the 16th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Spain, held in Puerto de Sagunto, 25 kilometers from Valencia, Spain.In a discussion panel with Spanish MEP Manu Pineda, the first vice-president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, Noemi Rabaza, and deputy and historian Elier Ramirez, researcher at the Cuban  Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM) said that the scientific consecration in Cuba is remarkable.

“We have no time to lose and we reiterate at every moment the possibility of opening spaces in the face of the US blockade, such as the agreement with an institution in Buffalo, New York, related to the Cuban vaccine against a specific type of lung cancer, she commented.

The CIM and the Roswell Park Cancer Research Center, in Buffalo, allied some years ago to facilitate access to equipment and reagents, in order to promote the development of the drug.

The creation of the only biotech joint venture Innovative Immunotherapy Alliance, with the aim of inserting the drug into US society, is a step forward, although not without its difficulties, although hopeful, said Sanchez.

The, member of the Valencian Association of Friendship with Cuba Jose Marti, Parliamentarian Manu Pineda took the opportunity to announce an event in Brussels on November 16, to celebrate solidarity with Cuba, reject Washington’s economic war on the island and promote cooperation at the continental level at the seat of the European Parliament, among representatives of Cuba-friendly groups in the region

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