Cuban Children to Celebrate their National Day

Nexy Veliz, president of the Jose Marti Pioneer Children Organization, which groups all Cuban kids from first grade to adolescence told the Cuban News Agency that the big colorful party will take place in all recreational scenarios, from zoos to sports centers, parks and even avenues and other public places.

Main movie theaters will screen the first Cuban 3-D film for children entitled Meñique, a contribution of the Cuban Film Institute for the special occasion.

She said the day is dedicated annually to those who constitute the future of the nation in an joint effort by all state institutions, artists, and many other social actors, said Veliz, who also recalled that the celebration of the date was not established by any decree, but by the children themselves who were consulted about it, in July 1974, by Revolution leader Fidel Castro during a meeting in Havana with kids from all parts of the country.


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