Nilda Collado: She was Born to Be an Artist

When and where Nilda Collado did her first studies?

My first studies were in the Asturian Center of Havana and at the same time in 1947 I entered at the Municipal Conservatory of Music, at present Amadeo Roldan.

What did you study?

I studied piano, music theory, theory, singing and ballet. I spent great part of my childhood and my youth in this school of which I keep very fond memories. I had great teachers like: Georgis Blanco, Sofia Serpa, Aida Teseiro, Maria Adams and concerning ballet Josefina Elostegui, Alberto and Fernando Alonso, Luis Trapaga…

Did you remember your first performances?

My first performances were as model and singer in the choir of Maria Adams.

But you are very young when you participated in the television. Do not you?

Yes, it was on 1957. I started on T.V on October 12 at Telemundo, channel 2 in the programs of Panamerican Development Company, where I did all at the same time dance, model ; I worked also as announcer, presenter, it was a great school.

In 1958 I was selected “Miss Perfection” in a beauty contest where they were looking the prettiest girl with the perfect measurements. I started dancing at the same T.V. in Tropicana Cabaret, Copa Room of Habana Riviera Hotel, Casino Parisien and Capri.

Besides, being the model of Regalias cigarettes stamp Royalties, where I shared with Pedro Alvarez, a model in haute couture salons of Fin de Siglo and El Encanto.

When did you meet Erdwin Fernandez?

It was at that stage where I met my lifelong companion: Erdwing Fernández, was very funny, was a group of broadcasters in celebrating his college days and Erdwin asked me to dance with him, I refused and he replied:´´ No matter silly, if you and I are going to dance and life was so.

What was Erdwing’s influence in your professional and personal life?

H e influenced in my life, Edrwing taught me the details of the profession; he was a teacher, as a director and as an actor with this unforgettable character of clown Trompoloco.

Where were your first important performances?

My first performance in theater was Nacida Ayer, where I played in Theater 23, in 1961 directed by Maritza Rosales and Erdwin. In television I participated in the soap opera Indio where I shared the leading role with Martha del Río and José Antonio Rivero.

You are an artist who had made incursions into the radio, television and radio, television, theater, cabaret. Tell me about those significant times.

On the radio I played for many years the character of “Chispita” in “Tia Tata cuenta cuentos” of Radio Liberacion, I remembered from those stage actresses of the caliber of Consuelito Vidal, Carmen Pujols, and Martha Falcon. At the same time it plays novels, series, etc.

In television I worked with prestigious directors such as Tito Borballa, Roberto Garriga , Carlos Piñeiro, Loly Buján, Modesto Centeno, Ana Lasalle, Antonio Vazquez Gallo in ICR theaters such as; Macbeth, Otelo, Picnic, Intimidad de una estrella, Santa Juana de América…

You also participated in Adventures program

I think I made 15 adventures with directors of considerable stature of Silvano Suarez, Vazquez Gallo, Erick Kaupp, Juan Vilar, Gomez Reyes and others.

Besides the great directors that you mentioned, it was a time of brilliant actors bountiful. What’s your opinion?

I had the immense good fortune to share with frontline players such as Raquel Revuelta , Maritza Rosales, Marta del Río, Rosita Fornés , Enrique Santiesteban, José Antonio Rivero, Angel Toraño, Armando Soler (Cholito), Enrique Almirante…many because I have 51 years of work.

But also, you are unfolding in other specialties on television?

Yes, I am dubbing director, a specialist in child labor, dramatic actress and a clown that made the duo Trompoloco and Nily degree in Art History.

And I know who works in the theater lot. Remember the last book.

The last work I did in the theater was La casa colonial, by Nicolas Dorr directed by him.

I hear you say to other actors and actresses than the artist does not come from a school, unless it was before to start studying. What is your opinion, after more than 50 years of outstanding artistic life?

The artist during the study work, overcoming develops, but is not like a mathematical equation, there must be the raw material, the rest comes later. So I think I was born an artist.

What would you have wanted have the memory of Maritza Rosales, Raquel Revuelta’s temperament, the diction of Margarita Balboa; the beauty and charisma of  Rosita Fornés and the mastery of the Lady Maria  de los Angeles Santana.

Main Awards

Distinction for the National Culture

Worthy Artist of Radio and Television

Stamp Prize-Wining Worker of Culture

Microphone 70 Anniversary of the Radio

Raul Gomez Garcia Distinction

Trophy “Gitana Tropical”



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