En Vivo Books about Radio: Memories of Caracol 2022

In my opinion, one of the peak moments achieved on the closing day to the Caracol 2022 contest and festival of the Cinema, Radio and Television Association (Crtv), was the presentation and sale of books by En Vivo Publishing House of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (Icrt).
With no room for doubt, this activity at sunset on Thursday, October 27 at Uneac’s Villena salon, classifies among the best tributes conceived for all media arts, and especially for radio; and it could not be less, since this year the Caracol award was basically dedicated to the centenary of such an important medium.

And it was done in the precise manner, since it was totally inclusive, and there were also several titles that referred to different aspects of television. However , the over dozen books published by En Vivo , dedicated to the broad spectrum and the many controversies within what we could call radio culture, with a commendable variety of all kinds, placed the radio as the protagonist of this activity, with some of its authors in the panel.

Thus, for example, M.Sc. Orieta Cordeiro, a professor at the Faculty of Audiovisual Communication Arts (Famca) of the Higher Institute of Art (Isa, now the University of the Arts), presented her work La radio sí tiene quien le escriba: antología de cuentos originales escritos para radio. (Radio does have someone to write for it: an anthology of original stories written for radio).

Other publications of En Vivo Publishing House were:

-Paradigmas de la musicalización radial en Cuba: otra historia de la radio (Paradigms of radio musical setting in Cuba: another radio history, a text by Silvio Hernández Laborí (1967)

-El debate radial en Cuba (Radio debate in Cuba), by María de la Caridad Duranza Martínez, host and scriptwriter of radio programs since 1995 on Radio Metropolitana and Habana Radio, and Dr. Mario Masvidal Saavedra, a FAMCA professor who writes and conducts radio and TV programs.

-Quien bien te quiere. Las tres grandes pasiones de Alberto Luberta. (Who loves you well The three great passions of Alberto Luberta.) A selection of original scripts about Alegrías de Sobremesa, the most emblematic program on Cuban Radio

-Si te contara… (Off the record)… , 2nd  Expanded Edition, provides an anthology of experiences that are published for the first time, of the life and work in dissimilar contexts of journalist Antonio Resillez López (Guanabacoa, 1944)

-Para informar mejor (To better inform, by Félix Armando Díaz Sotolongo, presented as a didactic book on the author’s experience in monitoring news programs.

 Palabras que regresan , (Words that return), is the work by Roberto Rodríguez Menéndez,  the Havana poet, writer, journalist, cultural commentator, publicist, director of radio programs, and  professor of radial Dramaturgy.

-La memoria está ahí (Memory is there), by Jaime Masó Torres, journalist and radio announcer, with backcover note by  Fernando Rodríguez Sosa.

 La radio: arte, técnica, magia, experiencias (Radio: art, technique, magic, experiences), by Silvio J. Blanco Hernández; Memorias de un Viejo que todavía…, (Memories of an old man who still…,) by José Antonio Espinosa, from Villa Clara province (1938), and  an Actuar Award (2014) winner,  who writes about his more than 60 years dedicated to radio, television, theater and cabaret.

De Becerra a La Rampa: memorias de un locutor, (From Becerra to La Rampa: memories of a broadcaster), experiences from his native Camagüey countryside in Becerra as a combatant and press correspondent, an  Icrt Artist of Merit and a César Arredondo National Radio Award who narrates  his time on Radio Cadena Agramonte, Radio Liberación, Radio Rebelde  and Radio Reloj.

Traduction: Gilda Gil


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