The Analogical Era is ubiquitous for Radio Creators

Feelings on the radio

Radio Communication also broadcasts feelings, images, moods, descriptions of geographical, historical and social environments, all of it with a great impact on the society achieving recognition and prestige for the media; and it is also an exclusive media of promotion.

As technological development involves changes of technology in all kinds of activity be it related to production or service, the radio is immersed in an accelerated manner, so it would be useful to remember a phrase by naturalist Charles Darwin: “The species that are not able to fight against the difficulties of their environment will increasingly become extinct. The aforementioned encourages us to benefit from the new technologies, to have at our disposal those resources to get a well-finished product, or of more impact on the audience to fulfill thus, the mission of radio in society.

The forum on the radio

Now, the existence of thematic forums is very common on the internet although it has not reached all the people. So why do not we include this kind of forum in the radio live programming; why do not we use –as an experiment- Internet connections available in most radio stations; why do not we use this interactive chain to highlight the most significant moments of any task or activity?

We know that there are disagreements between experts and creators and they do not put their effort into this noble task, which would help us to get ready for the time when the radio broadcasts in multimedia format, a dream that has come true in some countries for some years.

The author of this article can now see on a portable radio the title of the program that he was listening to, the title of the song and the writer, text of the songs in various languages, accompanied by the date and time, with an excellent quality of sound and images.

Command of the new technologies

Although development of digital communication is not known yet by some people there is no doubt that the future of online radio is assured, despite that just a few have access to the network and digital receiving equipment because of their high price. That is a problem existing not only in Cuba but all the third world countries.

There will be soon be digital pocket radios with screens included to display texts, news, weather, information, train schedules, stock quotes and other kinds of additional information from the radio stations.

Although the use of the analogical era has not permitted us to adjust ourselves to constant technological innovations, we should know about the existence and potential of digital radio, at least at a theoretical level.

Despite the fact that the analogical era is being replaced with the digital era from the technological point of view, we have not fully assimilated its use into our daily lives.

This technological progress and new innovations make credible the constant increase of multimedia, mainly in the communication process, in which deepening and the exchange of ideas among the radio creators and technicians are required.

Another challenge we must to face is related to the creators’ staff when assuming the task of digital production. It would be appropriate to think of the savings from this kind of technology.

A translation by: Silke Paez Carr

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