In the hills of Mícara, Radio 8SF loud and clear

Riding the ether between the hills of Mícara, a collective of creators interrelates with villagers, Yunier Lopez de Leon, webmaster of the website the station has on the Internet at the website  “http :” told the Cuban Radio Portal

That group of broadcasters has thousands of reasons to celebrate 35 years in the community, reflecting the history, life, the daily tasks of men, women and children who build and make the revolution in the area of the ​​high East of Cuba.

Cubana_ Radio is proud to have a station where the remains of Vilma Espin Guillois and dancer Antonio Gades rest, where also rest the guerrilla squad of the Sierra Maestra, doers of deeds as part of the “Frank País” Second Eastern Front, one of the bastions to achieve the triumph of the Revolution in those days of January 1959.

The story goes that in the first half of July 1958 in Calabaza de Sagua, the first issue of the paper SURCO was published, and the first broadcast of Radio 8SF was made to guide and disseminate the objectives of the revolutionary process in the eastern fronts. In June 1958 a propaganda department was created at the Aguacate headquarters, to denounce to the world the civil war between the genocidal government of Fulgencio Batista and our heroic farm workers. The Propaganda Department had many points of transmission, between August and September 1958 it moved from Calabaza de Sagua to the Yamaguas Farm in the Mayari Arriba.

Propaganda in the Second Eastern Front was not only an organ of communication between combat units, but the vehicle for the guidance and disclosure that identified the broad masses of the people with the final victory.

Now in that building is the Museum Extension of the Department of Propaganda and Radio Communications of the”Frank País” Second Eastern Front Historical Complex.

There, on display is an exhibition showing the origin, development and improvement of the propaganda activity corresponding to the four stages of development of the Second Eastern Front. Those who visit can see the speaker used in the 8SF broadcasts and in the upper part of the site the SURCO Newspaper and Radio 8SF.

From March 11, the sound of Radio Rebelde 8SF can again be heard, which has ceased to be asleep for history and emerged as the identity plant of the Mayari community.

Radio 8SF from the hills of Mícara can be heard loud and clear, like a thrush amid palms and deeds to protect the history and keep alive the customs and traditions of the mountains in Cuba.

Translated by ESTI

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