Antonio Lloga in Memorian. An awarded winning radio announcer

In the latest edition of this event, held in Santiago de Cubaand sponsored by, the Hermanos Saiz Association, Grisel was awarded.
Grisel Santos was awarded for her work in the program on “Acordes y desacordes” broadcast by CMHW station during its 2012 summer programming and directed by Lester Rodriguez as sound engineer.  

Grisel has worked sixteen years as radio announcer in Villa Clara, where she arrived looking for an acting course, whose official announcement had already closed, and decided for an announcing course, which opened the doors forever to this media that “I love and respect”, said during the dialogue.

The winner of the “Lloga in memoriam” 2013, has a first level of specialty, and says she prefers the advertising space, as illustrated by samples Monday through Friday in the program “Latidos de mi ciudad” which broadcasts FM stereo center of Santa Clara. She is also the announcer of the program ¨Latidos de mi ciudad ¨, of debate and social criticism t also leads the space “In the cortico”, debate and social critique, in which the specialists exchange and share each evening with many listeners all over the province.

Still she is shocked by the news of this award, Grisel Santos declares herself “very happy” and pleased by the affection she received from all his listeners, both in CMHW, and the FM. In her opinion, “they are our reason for being, which is why every day we get up and walked to the station to give the best of our voices and our talent.”

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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