Is new Latin American cinema?

This time , the institution Taganana room was the setting for the Mexican cinephile explain Grabiela Franco film about the law in your country, experience that can move to other regions of the continent.

“As for our law I think one of the most important aspects that influence it is the fact that in Mexico , as in many Latin American countries , coexists a cinematic story abalada in many forms , which provides the ability to view applicable laws and regulations that favor communication the same producers and filmmakers such as those interested in the products , ie , companies that sponsor the idea of the film was made , “said Franco Grabiela .

Meanwhile, another moment to highlight was the launch of New Latin American Cinema of the sixties : between political myth and modernity film , the Peruvian author Isaac Leon Frias who has among its main objectives to talk about the great canonical films from Latin America but still little known highlight those films and having great artistic value .

” The realities in all Latin American countries are marked by different social history of their people , so there are forms of art that are reflected separately in each communicative product , therefore , it is important to recover all stories particularizing each region , and this is what I try to reflect on the book , “said Isaac León Frías.

In the same panel , which was led by the journalist on issues of Joel film Rio , presents exchanged on the terms used in speaking of cinema in the region given that it is not so new the idea make films in Latin America.

“We are in an era where Latin American cinema is not as new as we usually call it, mainly because how much a story from its inception to the present. And although this is seen readjusted terms and forced to transcend the extreme empiricism , many movies that can contribute to mention show that has ever been given to set the pace of the times in each region , “noted Joel River .

Moreover, actors and filmmakers of the films The Unusual Blue cats and fish and not so pink offered statements to the press concerning the realization processes and filming of both communication products .

“Carry the big screen stories of all those people that although not created, are part of our daily lives, it was a challenge we set out from the first steps in the making of the film.

Beyond regarding homosexuality , the film is about the different forms of love , it is the story of a boy who goes in search of his gay father to show you are love and closeness, the main elements to form a family “said Miguel A. Ferrari , director of Azul and not so pink.

Meanwhile Claudia Sainte -Luce , director of the film The Cat unusual fish , said his proposal arises from a personal experience he had several years ago. “It’s the story of a woman who lives with death, and feels that every day could be your last , therefore , does not waste a second to say goodbye to their children. On the personal side , the making of the film was as a process of healing the wounds provoked in me. “

Monday cinemas showed the best of Latin American cinema for the enjoyment of all the people and every day increases the interest of most Cubans cinephiles for cinema in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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