Music and verses for the Cuban Five

The charismatic professional of the news program Mirador de la Habana spreads the romantic poetry of Antonio Guerrero, one of the five antiterrorist fighters imprisoned Cubans imprisoned in the United States.

In this regard he said, is a way to show the intimacy of being and reveal what is sometimes not perceived in the media universe.

A long time ago Friol has already a CD titttled Caricias Verdaderas and now presents the second volume titled Confesiones de amor, with unpublished and little-known texts of the Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

Tony himself chose a good part of the 12 poems that have this phonogram, at B Recording Studio by engineer Carlos de la Vega Guerrero, with original music by Cuban composers Osmany Collado and Miguel Nunez, Friol said.

El romantico incurable, as Ibrahim describes, wished to record his thanks to Mirta Rodríguez and Maria Eugenia Guerrero (Maruchi), mother and sister of the antiterrorist hero poet María Eugenia Guerrero (Maruchi), for encouraging these noble efforts.

The CD Confesiones de amor Confessions of Love That disk contributes to the release of the Cuban Five, unjustly imprisoned for 16 years in USA made to prevent terrorist actions against Cuba.

Translate by: Daysi Olano


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