“I confess that I dream in two languages”

True or not fable indeed the presence of multiple languages is a challenge for quite a few people who need to expand their work or expand their knowledge. “That’s why I never wanted to stop talking about my mother tongue, I always considered very important to interpret, communicate and think in another language,” said Igor López de Godoy, interpreter, translator and journalist of Radio Havana Cuba.

With over 30 years dedicated to the environment, this professional word born in Brazil and lives in Cuba from very small, has devoted much of his life to present the news in Portuguese for all listeners from other regions, with different customs and idiosyncrasies, like hearing the news events from Cuba.

“I do not think it’s an easy task, it requires a lot of effort and preparation. At home we always spoke Portuguese. When I started working here at RHC, was a very important challenge for me because many years had virtually who exercise the language, and the station has given me the ability to keep both my native language as relations with my country “kindly Igor said while her eyes a smile of longing and job satisfaction are outlined.

“When translating is important to note that translators should specialize, for example, I do not think I can make a legal translation because it is a very specific topic. The same applies to poetry, we must take a little poetic soul, because not only translate word for word, but you have to understand poetry; literature also has its rules because otherwise it’ll never get a literary work as such. Sometimes people see the translator as a genius who can do everything and even some translators really believe they can do everything, but it’s not, “warned Igor.

“In the case of RHC in many cases we are not only translators, but foreign language editors, journalism because we work from another language, read the news and adapt to the language we speak and the public that we are addressing. We need to know the idiosyncrasies, customs and culture of our listeners “meant.

“My routine is to open from early morning on the Internet and review the Brazilian press to know what news in that nation is. At the time of writing my report, I also serve these searches because it is important for me to know how certain terms are used in Portuguese, maybe they are different from the way we identify, for example, before writing about the conflicts with the Islamic Army, I have to know how Brazil has referred to it and how it is addressing the issue, “he said.

About their place in the International Broadcasting Station Cuba reported that “the program airs for half an hour daily and through internet, it’s like a radio newscast with different cultural blocs, national, international and sports in Brazil’s case becomes very strength because the South American country is very athletic, and in this sense also do interviews, comments “.

And by way of confession off the record, on the bounce, Igor assured me that has awakened dreaming in Spanish and then falling asleep, dreaming in Portuguese. Things that only happen to those people who feel like theirs two ways to verbal communication.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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