Died Luis Baez, Jose Marti National Journalism Award

Earlier in 1994 he received the José Martí International Award, granted by Prensa Latina news agency.

He graduated from the School of Journalism Manuel Márquez Sterling, took his first steps in journalism in newspapers El Crisol  and Avance, as sportswriter.

At the the triumph of the Revolution, when he was only 23 years old, the director of Avance commissioned him that covered the event. He went to Las Villas and met Fidel when the Freedom Ride was heading to Havana.

After traveling with him to Venezuela, United States, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, and accompanied the Commander in Chief in almost all trips to many countries. His reporting of such hedges was published in the Revolution newspaper, magazine Bohemia, Prensa Latina, Granma and other Cuban and world media.

He is the author of about 25 books, many interviews as those who left, Those left, Secrets of Generals and prying questions. He also wrote the books Camino victory CIA Secret War, Changing the Rules of the Game Two hands and secret talks with Juan Marinello.

In 2006 he wrote the book Acquitted by history, which presented the rating issued on Fidel Castro by prominent personalities from politics, art, education, science, sports and medicine.

Luis Baez Fidel considered one of the stellar figures of this era. In the foreword of the book said: “Loved by his people and respected by his enemies. It is a flag and a symbol of humanity. The legendary warrior Sierra Maestra has sown in the hearts of the humble. It is sown in the hearts of the humble. Is inserted in history. Is already absolved by history.”

It was a war correspondent during the events of Playa Girón in 1961. Therefore he was awarded the Medal Fighter Playa Giron.

He had other distinctions such as Replica of the Machete of General Maximo Gomez and Felix Elmuza distinction.

Prosecuting his journalism, Raúl Roa described it thus: “sharp pen and Eagle View.” It was a news search engine like few had the Cuban journalism.

Given his remains at the funeral of Calzada and K and subsequently at his funeral, which will take place in the early hours of Monday afternoon, coworkers and the Cuban revolutionaries will give farewell to this valuable pen and a thorough advocate for the work of social justice and dignity that have led from the assault on the Moncada in 1953, Fidel and Raul Castro Ruz.

The Union of Cuban Journalists invites its members to pay tribute to this valuable personality of journalism and national culture.

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