Cuba-US: A possible way to justice

The imagine something like squid, mollusk that, when you feel in danger, release an ink repellent aspect. To these gentlemen and ladies there is nothing more important in this world than the US interests, but those of others are destined for landfill.

Molluscs such are terrified at the prospect that one day begins, like a hurricane, the process that will liquidate its business and its spring dark life. And something truly shameful is that some of these characters were born in Cuba, they want to see it destroyed; they came there and did not embrace the American people and nation, deserving of respect, but as unseemly appendages have lived, and live at the expense of the business of counterrevolution.

Something very strange happens: while the world a huge wave of support and hope rises for relations between Cuba and the United States transcend beyond the establishment of embassies, and one day a complete relationships materialize, they suffer and feel so be disappointed; when grown in all countries of the world the need to bury the blockade, the above are astonished that such yearning is not successful.

They predict that illegal Guantanamo Naval Base to continue indefinitely; that radio and TV Martí continue its infamy and lies against Cuba, even though both media are also illegal; They aim to raise the millions of dollars allocated to promote subversion in Cuba; and incredibly, they want Cuba to indemnify the owners of property confiscated by the Revolution legitimately.

While Cubans are wondering about the damages exceeding 120 billion, because of the criminal blockade, a real genocide, which lasted more than half a century.

Meanwhile, Cubans will hurt thousands of deaths as a result of violent actions, say Playa Giron, the explosion of the ship La Coubre, the Barbados plane with suns without stains on board, and many other violent actions provoked by the anti-Cuban Florida.

It is worth mentioning, for example, a small sample of some opinions that keep certain characters.

See: John Bolton, former US ambassador the United Nations has said that Obama’s policy regarding Cuba is a “real tragedy” and that the interest of the country should be the “demise of the Castro regime.”

Roger Noriega, former diplomat government’s infamous George Bush says firmly oppose lifting the embargo while Cuba is a communist.

Of course, the list of these characters is extensive, and names like the Diaz-Balart, Ileana Ros, Marco Rubio and other brothers from the same litter are included. But I still have to mention something as real as cynical: I’ve mentioned and many others, are very upset and worried, because in Cuba-US talks, the latter is the only one who has made concessions.

That is, this statement radically excludes the most basic concept of honor and logic: the abused, Cuba, which has never harmed the powerful, nor aspired to criminal actions to change its political system, must have “gestures” with the aggressor in the same measure that, although it should give up their national dignity.

Meanwhile, his counterpart, benevolent and lively best wishes of peace and friendship, is taking firm steps to achieve positive relationships. At this point it is a simple observation. Recognized as positive steps, so far, the US has given, I would say, with courage, and of course, the role played by President Obama.

The reality is that Cuba has been the only damaged by countless criminal actions that have caused enormous economic constraints, much blood and suffering to Cubans nation. Therefore, it is not considered on duty to respond in quantitative terms of “give and take”, that would be unworthy.

So, the only way forward is a single and unique name, JUSTICE.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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