Modes of making radio in the spotlight of analysis


Ways of doing things, genres, contexts, among other issues will come from various provincial speakers who will discuss the challenges and prospects of this media in Cuba.

Along with the radio contest “Sound to See”, the filmmakers present at the International Conference Centre in the capital, will exchange as on other occasions their experiences and research related to the history of broadcasting.

On Monday October 26 the debate will begin with “Research on the construction of musical humorous radio programs with a studio audience” by Yohan Michel Madrigal, based on monitoring the iconic Alegrías de Sobremesa program of Radio Progreso.

Likewise, in an approach to child and adolescent realization follows “El género infantil en la programación radiofónica: Una mirada desde la investigación”(Child genre in radio programming: A look from the investigation,”) by the author Yilian Fernandez.

During that morning, the workshop “Cultural heritage in radio” with the moderator Otto Braña and related institutions such as Radio Cubana, the Abdala studio and Radio Taino.

Then will follow “Policy of the Cuban Radio programming possibilities of effective feedback between citizens and government,” also from Radio Taino submitted by Alberto Lázaro Cordobí.

Another station participating on the first day of sessions is Radio Camoa through the experiences of filmmaker Michael Garcia, the radio documentary “La Madre negrea de Martí. Una historia contada a través de la radio”(The Black Mother of Marti.) A story told through the radio. “

The academic program of the second Broadcasting Convention and Expo 2015 and International Fair reserveson its first day these presentations that cause the analysis of the participants. This and other topics of the meeting of artists from the world of radio and television will be addressed in the coming days in this Radio portal.

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