I heard again Fidel in the Aula Magna

Not for the fact that he lived with his back to the Cuban reality or practice ostrich policy of burying our heads, but because despite the palpable difficulties, belong to a generation that grew up with the knowledge that we were invincible.

By the time I reviewed the last years before the historic speech of November 17, 2005, on the occasion of International Students’ Day.

I lived again the debates in those meetings, sometimes ending in which they spoke, more slogan that internalization of the historical moment, of the need to rectify errors.

I listened again slogans calling for struggle against corruption, illegalities and crime, but, I confess, I sounded hollow when looking at the social context in which it occurred; while in neighborhoods and workplaces reality exceeded good intentions.

Fidel knew was right, most Cubans agreed with his ideas, and ponder that a leader of his stature to say loudly and without subterfuge some of the ideas that were driving at very low profiles and corridor level.

But he did not speak to stone the Revolution, but to provide the necessary wake-up call to wake the sleeping consciences and shake the inertia of double standards, many officials empowered.

Today I read again the immense discourse. Immense for its size, but most of all by the depth of its accurate analysis.

The historic leader of the Revolution said then that the world was full of selfishness, exploitation, abuse, looting, with millions of children dying daily from curable diseases.

Can anyone doubt that 10 years after that statement does not enjoy incredible effect?
Does the status of Iran’s nuclear development is solved?

How many efforts to make Israel and the Zionist lobby in the United States to reverse the decisions taken?

How can we forget the warnings of a nuclear conflagration Fidel on Syrian soil when Western aggressors, with its facade terrorists have heated the situation so that as in the days of the October Crisis put peace in suspense?

Also, it is good to remember his prophetic words about environmental hazards that could destroy the planet, because the threat is today closer.
He warned also of the risk involved in the process the proliferation of antisocial behavior, corruption, crime, because those are the internal germs, the ones that could destroy this social project.

Could anyone claim that this problem is solved? Perhaps the repeated calls to confront not show that as pursuance are played over and over again?

However, at the same time passionately Fidel asked the audience if he thought that this revolutionary process, socialist, might or might not collapse, although unanimously exclamations were not, aroused the concern of his people.

Today we know that a revolution is irreversible when it is able to prepare its historic relay, learn from mistakes, and correct the course if the situation warrants and stay attached to the ethics of their history.

Updating the economic model in order to develop a prosperous and sustainable socialism, and the inclusion of measures to encourage non-state labor and foreign investment on the island, they are very consistent with the thinking of the leader of the Revolution.

Also, the measures taken to reduce bulging templates, gratuities and eliminate unsustainable subsidies and the tax system were planned that 17 November 2015 by the Commander in Chief.

Ten years later I suggest you do the same exercise in abstraction in which I was involved for almost two hours now; read Fidel’s speech at the Aula Magna of the University of Havana as if he had been able to move into a time machine and notice their effect.

Also I invite you to analyze, as then, that memorable question “Do you believe that this revolutionary socialist process can fall apart or not”, and from the response that emanates from within, act accordingly.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernand


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