Venezuela and the shadow of El Caracazo

The adeco president announced in mid-February, the freeing of prices of all consumer products and interest rates; the elimination of exchange controls, increased utility rates and gas prices, among others. The promise, wolf in sheep, was “correct the course to advance the process of economic and social modernization,” a euphemistic phrase that hid the failure of the capitalist system as a model and the need for easy money. It was thus unleashed a fact that history remembers as El  Caracazo.

Almost 30 years later, after a For now expressed by Chavez in 1992 that became forever, and the establishment of a revolution that the weight of 500 years of ignominy loaded on his shoulders, Venezuela exhibits numbers that describe radical social change . As a process of transformation that has the people in power, bolivarianismo-like Venezuelan historian Luis Brito calls the current left in the country, has suffered more than a decade, the direct confrontation and relentless right National and international.

War is denounced on numerous platforms and mechanisms, and has adopted protagonists and speeches that call for the destabilization, chaos, subversion, delegitimization and psychological pressure against the forces supporting the government of Commander Hugo Chavez first, then Nicolas Maduro.

The media and misrepresentative campaign have played an essential role. In order to deceive and manipulate the press he has dismissed the achievements in health, education, housing, culture and sport achieved by the revolution, saying that these are state duties and no achievements in themselves. When in fact the last of the South American nation reveals that these “duties called” never been respected by previous cabinets.

To Brito “advances of the Bolivarian Revolution with failures inherent in every human process, cortedades, trips and errors are extraordinary. Venezuela is the country with the lowest number of social inequality of capitalist America. He spent development index under the high development of a poverty of 70 percent of the population to less than 24 percent (now 4.5 percent). One in three people in the country studies and one 9 is in higher education, practically free campuses. Illiteracy was eradicated. Life expectancy increased by two years.”

It is precisely the defense of those wins what, today, crown the position of the political parties that make up the Great Patriotic Pole. A call to the popular consciousness that the balance five centuries of exclusion against 16 years of social demands. Beyond the tangible consequences of an economic, media and mercenary war, the Venezuelan people should appeal to safeguard a system that, for the first time, has resulted in more than anthology debts.

In contrast, what gives us the right? “The opposition gave a coup in 2002 with the aim of privatizing Petroleos de Venezuela SA During the 48 hours that lasted in power repealed by a stroke the constitution that was voted by 75 percent of people, closed media, he pursued the Bolivarian they were in power by popular vote and restored indexed loans ” He recalled the intellectual.

The right has shown that its proposals have not been adopted in 18 electoral processes. The denationalization of public enterprises and education; the liberalization of prices and interest rates, have not worked as speech to mobilize the people. “Then he has taken the strategy to mimic the bolivarianismo to act as a booby trap. Suddenly they have taken the red to their slogans and emblems; symbols such as the tricolor cap with a trail of stars commemorating the rebellion of February 4, led by Chavez and a map of South America ending in a horse with a lancer. They also state that they will continue the social program of the state. That is, as they have to offer is what the government is already doing, “said Brito.

It also exposes the reality also advocated that the opposition has lost its capacity to bring street. Some time ago there was a demonstration for the freedom of one of its leaders, Leopoldo López, and attended an average of only 400 people, considering that dwell in Venezuela is estimated more than 30 million.

The Bolivarian revolution is a very important movement, considered, with immense popular rootedness. The right knows. “In a new phase of the Assembly should take drastic measures against the economic war to maintain subsidized food commodities; reform of the tax system; stop the smuggling of extraction, about 40 percent of what is produced or imported it is on the border with Colombia “.

During a press conference after assuming the presidency Hugo Chavez questioned about how he wanted to be remembered after completion of its mandate said bluntly, “I suffice to deserve this I learned long ago in the courtyard of my Military Academy Venezuela, when I was 17 and wanted to be a big league ballplayer, beyond everything else, that the Venezuelan people remember me as a worthy and useful man to his country.”

And so they immortalized those who today defend their conquests.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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