Diaz-Canel attended opening of the Book Fair “Cuba 2016”

At the opening of the International Book Fair of Havana, which is the guest country of honor to Uruguay, also participated, Raul Sendic, vice president of the South American nation, and Ariel Pergamino, Uruguayan ambassador to Cuba.

The event will also pay tribute to Cuban poets Lina de Feria and Rogelio Martinez Fure, will be held in Havana until February 21, and then continue to the rest of the provinces.

Zuleika Romay Guerra, president of the Cuban Book Institute (ICL), thanked the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro to bring the light of knowledge and reaffirmation of Cuban culture and celebrations for the great celebration of reading.

Thank you for completing said Romay Guerra, with notebooks and pencils freedom with weapons conquered the rebels in the Sierra Maestra, and recalled the victory of Playa Giron and the literacy campaign that met 55 years.

The president praised the ICL cultural sample of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, and marked the close friendship between the people of that nation and Cuba.

For its part, the Uruguayan Vice President Raul Fernando Sendic, recalled the history of friendship and solidarity between their people and ours.

He evoked José Martí as consul of Uruguay in New York and the way in which Cuba was a refuge for thousands of Uruguayans in the difficult years of the military dictatorship, while he praised the substantial role of the island to defend the ideas and culture of this continent.

Sendic reminded Eduardo Galeano wrote when he said that waiting for centuries in the bottom of the story, and Mario Benedetti, in his call not to give up, to chase dreams and uncover the sky.

Source: Radio Reloj.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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