Iconic Collection of Cuban Rums, New Feature for Tourism

That show occurred  in Varadero, the most important Cuban beach resort located about 140 kilometers east of the capital.

For some executives, it means a lot, such as the case of corporate director of Spanish Iberostar group, Eduardo Sanchez, with strong representation in the island.

For Sanchez, the Havana Club rum Iconic Collection, comprising four alcoholic Premium beverages, is a true piece of work without equal in the world.

The manager, who participated in the presentation of that line of drinks at the Eighth International Festival Varadero Gourmet, said this is a leading product that attracts tourists.

It showed that those beverages have the necessary organoleptic qualities to please the most discerning customer.

He had the privilege to taste this Collection, consisted of Havana Club Añejo 15 Years, Seleccion de Maestros, Havana Club Union and Havana Club Maximo. There is nothing similar in the international market, a criterion in which mostly assistants match.

The Gourmet meeting was held for three days at the Plaza America Conference Center in this beach resort, in the presence of national and international chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and managers, as well as an exhibition of those products from several countries.

The Iberostar delegate praised the work by Cuban rum masters, creators of these high-end products, as well as the work of all the specialists involved in its final shape.

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