Cuban Parliament Begins Sessions

They will also decide on the report submitted by the Ministry of Finance and Prices on the liquidity of the 2015 State Budget and the level of compliance with the national economy plan in the first semester of 2016. Other issues to be discussed are the quality of public services such as transport and food and confronting crimes, illegalities and social indiscipline.

The Food and Agriculture Commission will review the results of the sugar harvest of the last two years and the measures to be taken to resolve deficiencies. They will also discuss the impact on the population of recent measures adopted by the government to allow purchases with the Cuban peso.

The members of the parliamentary group responsible for industrial, energy and construction will review the progress of programs aimed at their development, with special emphasis on the implementation of the housing program and the local production of construction materials. Legislators from the commission will also discuss the actions taken by the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources to mitigate the effects of drought. This has been the worst drought the country has experienced in the last 115 years.

The commissions of the People’s Power National Assembly of Cuba will be simultaneously in session between July 4th and 6th. A meeting, dedicated to the report of several ministries, will be held on July 7th. The plenary session in which parliamentarians will present a summary of the main statements discussed during the work of each commission will be on July 8th.


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