Cuban Legislators Analyze Epidemiological Situation of the Country

The Agriculture and Food Commission of the People’s Power National Assembly of Cuba will assess the results achieved in programs aimed at agricultural development for municipal self-sufficiency and the sustainability of mini-industries. Starting yesterday, as a prelude to the 7th period of session of the 8th Legislature of the Assembly, the simultaneous work of the 10 parliamentary commissions will extend until July 6th.

As part of those meetings, legislators are analyzing several issues of national importance, with emphasis on those related to the updating of the social and economic model in which the island is immersed.

Once those sessions are completed, there will be a meeting dedicated to the report of several ministries on July 7th. The plenary session in which parliamentarians will present a summary of the main statements discussed during the work of each commission will be on July 8th.

During the first day of sessions, legislators showed their support for the economic and social policy guidelines of the Party and the Revolution, approved in 2011 and updated during the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, held in April.

The performance of the national economy plan in the first semester of 2016, marked by the lack of liquidity as a result of an adverse external context, was discussed. The strengthening of the ties of the National Assembly with other legislative bodies of the world was also noted.


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