Cuban Parliament Examines Progress in Computerization of Society

The Economic Affairs Commission of the People’s Power National Assembly of Cuba will analyze social indiscipline, illegalities and corruption that threaten the socio-economic progress. This group will also assess the economic impact of the implementation of a program destined to the development of cattle farming.

After two days of sessions, as a prelude to the 7th period of sessions of the 8th Legislature of the Assembly, the simultaneous work of the 10 parliamentary commissions will conclude today.

Legislators will hold tomorrow a meeting dedicated to the report of several ministries.

The plenary session in which parliamentarians will present a summary of the main statements discussed during the work of each commission will be on July 8, last day of the period of sessions.

Legislators discussed yesterday about the measures adopted to mitigate the effects of the worst drought the country has experienced in the last 115 years. They also noted the progress of the process of improving the national education system.

They also said they will persist in their efforts to achieve the lifting of the U.S. blockade against the country for more than 50 years, and the return of the territory illegally occupied by that northern country in Guantanamo.

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