U.S. House of Representatives votes to intensify blockade of Cuba



Among the amendments are a prohibition on travel to Cuba for certain educational exchanges, as part of so-called “people to people” trips, a prohibition on the importation of property confiscated by the Cuban Government, and a prohibition on financial transactions with the Cuban military.


Also prohibited are funds to approve the licensing of a brand, trade name, or commercial name that was confiscated by the Cuban Government without express consent.


These anti-Cuban policy provisions remained as part of the Bill, after two further proposed amendments on the elimination of restrictions on agricultural exports and travel to Cuba, were withdrawn by their sponsors, Representatives Rick Crawford and Mark Sanford, respectively.


The anti-Cuban lobby in the House of Representatives, composed of legislators Mario Díaz-Balart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Carlos Curbelo, maintains intense efforts to prevent the approval of any measures to modify the application of the blockade against Cuba, imposed in 1962, which has caused damages amounting to some $121 billion dollars.

Experts expect that U.S. President Barack Obama will veto the bill, which also calls into question important government initiatives, and does not enjoy support in the Senate.


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