Constructive Remodeling of Sancti Spiritus’s Serafin Sanchez Square Completed


This was the initial stage of the remodeling project of this public space, said local architect and designer of the project, Leonado Pizarro Zulueta, who noted that the first phase included paving about 1 100 square meters of lawn area, replacing the underground electrical system, and improving the lighting with energy saving lamps.

The about a quarter of a million pesos investment also took into consideration the maintenance of sewerage networks and the improvement of green areas.

Pizarro Zulueta explained that during the second and final phase of the project —yet to be scheduled— the concrete surface around the sculptures will be covered with marble, while green colour slabs will be used to enlarge the paved area.

Along with the constructive actions so far carried out, specialists of the Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage (CPPC, in Spanish) restored the sculpture set that presides over the square, which was made by local artist Thelvia Marín Mederos, recently deceased.


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