Peru Implements Intense Program on Fidel Castro”s 90th Birthday

The activities began with a talk on Latin America’s unity and integration at the Peru-Cuba Jose Maria Arguedas solidarity group, and a concert of Cuban music will be held Monday, July 25.

A roundtable discussion on Fidel Castro and Peruvian-Cuban relations, with participation of Cuban poet Alex Pausides, historian Antonio Zapata, sociologist Eduardo Arroyo, and poet Hildebrando Perez Grande, will take place on Monday, July 25.

The event to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Garrison, the starting point of the revolutionary struggle led by Fidel Castro, will be held on Tuesday, July 26, when the documentary “Fidel: The Untold Story”, by filmmaker Estela Bravo, will be screened.

A photo exhibition entitled “El Rostro de Fidel Visto por los Peruanos” (Fidel’s Face as Seen by Peruvians) will open on August 1. The Peru-Cuba solidarity groups will hold several activities as a tribute to the Cuban historic leader on the following days.

On August 7, doctors and sports technicians who graduated in Cuba will hold a medical and sports campaign in the Lima municipality of Puente Piedra and in the northern cities of Cajamarca and Piura.

An event to celebrate Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday, organized by the National Coordinating Committee of Solidarity with Cuba, will be held on August 9, and the symposium “Fidel en la Historia” (Fidel in History) will take place on August 11.

The symposium will consist of four roundtable discussions by Eduardo Arroyo, social activist Ricardo Gadea, Ana Maria Intili, poet Jose Luis Ayala, former Peruvian Ambassador to Cuba Victor Mayorga, and poet Hildebrando Perez Grande.

Former leftist legislator Sergio Tejada, journalist and social activist Gustavo Espinoza, former Minister for Women’s Affairs Aida Garcia Naranjo, re-elected Congressman Manuel Dammert, and Patria Roja-Communist Party leader and journalist Cesar Levano will also participate in the symposium. The book of poems on Fidel Castro, entitled “Fidel Señala el Camino” (Fidel Points the Path) will be launched.

A serenade with participation of outstanding Peruvian artists, such as Margot Palomino, Daniel Esobar, Jorge Millones, the construction workers’ choir and poets Rosina Valcarcel, Hildebrando Perez, Arturo Corcuera, Winston Orrillo and Reynaldo Naranjo, is scheduled for August 12.

Acknowledgements will be granted on that day to outstanding fighters for the freedom of the five Cuban antiterrorists who served time in US prisons for fighting terrorism until they were released and returned to their homeland.

Fidel Castro’s birthday will be celebrated on August 13, during a music festival at the Traditional Musical Center in the Lima municipality of Breña.

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