Sancti Spíritus deserves the honor of this celebration


During his visit to the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital and Dental Clinic, both in the capital, he noted the care with which staff have care for and preserved improvements, which required the investment of significant resources to raise the quality of services provided.

Machado was accompanied at the hospital by local Party leader, José Ramón Monteagudo, and President of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power Teresita Romero. The institution’s director, Dr. Manuel Rivero Abella explained details of new services recently made available to the population and works underway to renovate facilities.

Machado noted that the hospital looked like new, and called on the staff the preserve the improvements and take good care of new equipment. At the Dental Clinic, he observed several treatment rooms and noted the excellent conditions existent, while congratulating workers for their efforts.


Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, Political Bureau member and first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, visited a variety of cultural, touristic, and commercial facilities.

At the former Serafín Sánchez Cinema, recently remodeled and converted into the Garabato Theater with a 3-D projection system, Díaz-Canel asked about the construction process and insisted on the importance of promoting authentic Cuban culture reflecting values intrinsic to the national identity.

Among the shopping centers and restaurants Díaz-Canel visited were the Casa del chocolate and the Shanghai restaurant, both located on the city’s popular pedestrian boulevard.

An activity to recognize outstanding workers who participated in the province’s latest projects and efforts to prepare for the July 26 celebration was held, and a group of veterans of the Moncada assault and the Granma expedition were welcomed to the province, where they toured sites of historic importance such as the Camilo Cienfuegos Complex in Yaguajay and the General Serafín Sánchez Valdivia museum. Writer Eugenia Palomares Ferrales also met with the group and presented her book about revolutionary heroine Celia Sánchez.


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