El Salvador in the Quest for Emancipatory Paradigms(+Video)

Ayala evaluated the importance of the assistance of more than one hundred fighters from the Latin American and Caribbean continent who are looking for alternatives and come together for debate, sharing and looking at the construction of alternatives and also common paths towards new scenarios in which the people forge mechanisms and better conditions to live.

Dedicated to the figures of Fidel Castro Ruz, historic leader of the Cuban Revolution and to the murdered Honduran indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, the workshop addressed important issues during its four days, among which were the “Testimonies on the struggle for justice by Bertha Cáceres” In which her sons and fellow combatant took part, and the lecture by historian Fernando Martínez Heredia: The keys of anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism today: the visions of Fidel Castro in the new stages of struggle.

And the people of El Salvador, how do they get involved in these emancipatory struggles?
Ricardo Ayala believes that the Salvadoran people are the main subject towards the reaching of a strategy, they are the fundamental actor, with their authority and mechanisms.

Nowadays, the means possessed by the Empire, including neoliberalism, are dominated, to be subjugated, not only through violence but also through the culture of hegemony. The Empire, the capital used today, just to give an example, media mechanisms built by the mass media that numb human beings and prevent their civil participation.

For the Salvadoran left and for the FMLN government, the participation of the people in decision-making and in the construction of a path that guides their course towards the alternative of a different society is essential.

The Twelfth International Workshop on Emancipatory Paradigms has developed a Fair of Popular Management and Solidarity for Life in Cuba, and this Friday concluded with the plenary of knowledge and practices for the revolutions of our time and a fraternization activity, which had as protagonist the “La Colmenita” Children’s Company.

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Translated by ESTI


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