The Marathon of Hope in Honor of Terry Fox

Carlos Gattorno, Director of the Marabana/Maracuba project, said on Wednesday at the International Press Center in Havana that next Saturday March 18th Cuba as a whole will remember Terry Fox whose example has served as an inspiration for people that struggle for life.

He added that the race will be held in all of the country’s municipalities with a simultaneous start at 10am in a participatory event which will not have awards.

Gattorno added that the start of the race in Havana will be held at the Kid Chocolate Center with a tour that will include popular streets of Prado and Neptuno to complete the 2 thousand 900 meters of the circuit.

Patrick Parisot, Canadian ambassador to Cuba said it would be an honor for him and his wife to be on the island for the first time and witness such a loving and solidarity event.

He added that the history of Terry Fox has inspired many people in the world and he expressed feeling proud that Cuba supports such a noble cause in combating cancer.

The Hope Marathon will pay tribute to the memory of the young Canadian who carried a great sacrifice to collect funds in search for a cure against the illness that ended his life barely 22 years ago.

Fox had his right leg amputated six inches above his knee at the age of 18 and with a prosthesis; he was able to run 42 kilometers in 143 consecutive days.

His spirit of never giving up in the battle against cancer will motivate the Cuban people to go to the streets either to run or walk as an example that physical exercise can combat the ailment.


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