Cubans remember Martí landing to join the Independence War

The festivities for the anniversary, in which youngsters that recently joined the Young Communist League will receive their cards, coincide with the 22-year proclamation of the Epic of Playita by the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power as the most significant historical fact of Guantánamo.

The historian Arturo Valdés Curbeira, one of the promoters of the proposal, argued in favor of it that in a few places in Cuba, as in this region, the historical symbolism of Martí merges in Fidel and the presence of both.

On three occasions the Historical Leader of the Revolution visited Playita de Cajobabo, the only corner of Guantanamo that deserves this privilege, and where, along with the apostle and Generalissimo, the brigadiers Paquito Borrero and Ángel Guerra, the colonel Marcos del Rosario and Captain César Salas, landed to join the rebel forces fighting against Spain.

Martí, Gómez and “a group of brave men ” (…) landed in Playita, eleven days later, in a small boat without a name, which very well could be called Honor, “said Army General Raúl Castro, when comparing it with the schooner of the same name, in which, days before, Generals Antonio Maceo, Flor Crombet and about twenty patriots landed in Duaba, Baracoa,.

On April 11, 1995, the 100th anniversary of the Playita’s arrival in the Monument that perpetuates the feat, Fidel affirmed: “I have come to receive in the year of the Centennial, from Marti, the banner of the solitary star, and I only ask that future generations will keep waving it forever in a free nation”.


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