Hurricane Irma aftermath: State insurance compensates farmers for losses

According to ESEN deputy Victor Lugones in Villa Clara, that amount could triple after appraisals in rural areas are finished.

ESEN experts in charge of assessing damages provide the main office daily information on the damages, he explained. These professionals have the legal authority and obligation to define and evaluate the amount of losses and their subsequent remuneration.
He commented that according to the ESEN files in the territory, this is the highest amount to pay by the insurance company since its inception. Cuban farmers have increasingly learnt on the importance of insuring their crops, equipment and real estate.
Among the cost affected the most by Hurricane Irma were bananas, maize, cassava, squash, and pump fruit. The largest damages were in the municipalities of Caibarién, Encrucijada, Quemado de Güines, Sagua la Grande, and Corralillo, although in the rest of the province there is also damage, he said.
He added that losses in tobacco plantations are located in the territories of Manicaragua, Camajuaní and Placetas.
He said that this reality shows the importance of agreeing insurance policies with the ESEN as an economic guarantee against the occurrence of these or similar events.

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