Gente de Zona and Laura Pausini seduce Cuba in a unique concert

I am going to Italy with a heart full of the colors of my flag, and of its flag,” said the renowned interpreter when she first went up to a national stage, where she expressed her gratitude for fulfilling her dream of being in Cuba and seeing the faces of those who follow her from this island.

The award-winning European singer, sought after by thousands of spectators who filled the grounds of the Ciudad Deportiva in the persistent rain, came on stage with the legendary song La soledad, demonstrating the powerful vocal qualities that have positioned her, for more than two decades, in international musical preferences.

She also sang the popular song Se fue y Nadie ha dicho, a single recently recorded in collaboration with Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom (Gente de Zona), as part of his new album Hazte sentir, which she will promote worldwide starting next July.

Elated by her presence in Havana, Pausini and the host artists were also pleased by the attendance of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who enjoyed the evening with his wife.

Before expressing her eagerness to return to the island, Pausini shared anecdotes that linked her from the beginning of her musical career with the Cuban public, and to say goodbye she “put the audience to the test”, asking them to chant the lyrics of “Amores Extraños” along with her.

During the more than two hours of the show, Gente de Zona was accompanied not only by the Italian star, but also by special guests such as Cuban Diana Fuentes, with whom they performed the hit La vida me cambió.

The group also shared the stage with the Puerto Rican duo Xion and Lennox, who performed for the first time in Cuba to please the public with the popular Súbeme la radio and other songs they wrote.

During the evening, Gente de Zona interspersed the songs that launched them to fame inside and outside the island, with their most recent productions, including Te duele, released on digital platforms along with their video clip earlier this month.

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