Cuba ratifies support for Venezuelan government during congress of that country’s socialists

Addressing the congress, Cuban top trade union leader Ulises Guilarte called for consolidation of Venezuela’s Boliviarian government so it could continue to be a beacon for the continent.

Guilarte said the gathering in congress of the Venezuelan socialists gave continuity to discussions last week in Havana by the continent’s left under the Sao Paulo Forum, which underlined the need for unity of all regional progressive forces.

The Cuban delegation to the congress of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party is also made up of José Ramón Balaguer, head of the Cuban Communist Party’s Department of International Relations.

The United Socialist Party is Venezuela’s largest political organization. Its 4th Congress began in Caracas on Sunday. Six hundred and 70 delegates from across the country are attending the gathering, with an agenda focused on actions to revitalize the national economy.

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