Ramiro Valdes Oversees Development Plan on the Isle of Youth

He learned first-hand on the advances in the majority of the activities, except tourism, with negative results in the last five years.

Evaluating the rest of the sectors, Valdes learned that by the end of July, the territorial investment plan was 80 percent executed affected by the continued breakage of the grinder for the production of dry foods and instability of the maritime cargo transportation, only route where all the resources to the territory arrives for its sustainability and development.
In relation to the construction of homes program, Ramiro Valdes called to comply with the established policy, achieve a popular movement, emphasized in the need to diversify the production of construction materials and insisted on adopting water savings measures above all in the health and tourism sectors.
He characterized as embarrassing the impunity in the gasoline consumption, situation that lacks control, political and administrative analysis to break with illegalities and urged in looking into the over 500 illegalities which were identified by the Institute of Physical Planning.
He was also informed on the strategy assumed by the agricultural sector to overcome the delays in its plans, guarantee the consumption of root vegetables and grains to the population starting from self-sufficiency of the territory.
Before the working session, the Commander of the Revolution visited the first of some 30 forest farms and citric nursery where nine cultivation houses is underway for the future program.
The director of the agricultural industry Tomas Betancourt explained that each cultivation house has fertilized irrigation, with a capacity of some 30 thousand plants certified of grapefruit, orange and Persian lime, enough to plant 50 hectares.

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