FIHAV 2018 finishes today in Havana

After the intense negotiations and exhibitions, the best stands and products on display will be awarded today at the Havana´s Conventions Palace.

More than three thousand exhibitors from around 65 countries, and a contracted area of 24,000 square meters, showed that Cuba reaffirms itself as one of the most important commercial market in the Caribbean.

FIHAV 2018 also hosted the 3rd Investment Forum, in which Cuba´s new business portfolio was presented composed of 525 projects and an estimated investment of more than 11,609 million dollars.

Deborah Rivas, Director General for Foreign Investment in Cuba, said that that particular latter event was attended by more than 100 companies from 30 countries, thus proving the interest generated by the possibilities of the Caribbean island.

Rodrigo Malmierca, head of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, stressed the broad participation in FIHAV 2018 of Cuba’s main trading partners, including Venezuela, China, Russia and Spain, the latter was again the most represented country in the fair.

He also highlighted the presence of more than 20 nations from Latin America and the Caribbean, thus showing the priority of economic integration among the countries in that area.

More than 300 domestic companies also exhibited their products, services and business possibilities in FIHAV 2018.

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