Prisons in Cuba with no outbreaks or suspected cases of COVID19

Speaking on the daily media briefing on the pandemic Thursday, the chief of Epidemiology, Dr, Francisco Duran, said the Ministry of the Interior has adopted a host of preventive measures, following national guidelines for the prevention and control of the disease.

Among others, they include the isolation during two weeks of new inmates for epidemiological observation, before they join the rest of the prison population; twice a day, an active screening is conducted to detect cases of fever and respiratory symptoms.

Likewise, hand disinfection is carried out at all access points to the prisons, using alcoholic or chlorine solutions, while the number of people participating in visits has been limited.

The presence of workers or visitors with fever, respiratory symptoms, or without masks is not allowed.

More information on this Thursday´s media briefing can be found in the video below.

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