The reality Bolsonaro refuses to see

About a week ago, Bolsonaro fired his minister of health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta.  Mendetta was seen to be one fo the few lucid minds of the administration in regards of a proper handling of the health crisis, which caused the minister countless disagreements with the president and, at the same time, great sympathy among the population.

However, no one expected the rumors of a possible resignation of the powerful minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, an ambitious man almost as egomaniac and unscrupulous as Bolsonaro.

The rumors became true, although unlike the case of Mandetta, there was a confrontation founded on threatening investigations for Bolsonaro, that were carried out by the Director General of the Federal Police, Mauricio Valeixo, that concerned a group of deputies related to the president, among them two of his sons Flavio and Carlos, where they were being linked to corruption.

Valeixo was Moro’s most trusted man.  They worked together since the Lava Jato case and both participated in the process that unjustly took former president Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva to jail.  By firing Valeixo, Bolsonaro took away a substantial part of Moro’s power.

It’s important to note that in Brazil the Federal Police is a body as powerful as the FBI in the United States.  In the related press conference, Bolsonaro announced the resignation of Sergio Moro, and showed up surrounded by his ministers, including the Pinochet-follower Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy, who is another star of the neoliberal management.

Unlike his colleagues, Guedes dressed a shirt, with a face mask and, according to some versions, he was also barefoot.  The shirt maybe did not matter as much as the face mask, inasmuch it represented a clear confrontation with the president, who continues to deny the severity of the pandemic.

Brazil currently has more than 53,000 infections and 1,400 dead as a result of COVID-19.  

Exasperation is at such a level that three former ministers of health have presented letters of complaint against Bolsonaro to the UN Human Rights Commissioner, accusing him of “potential genocide.”

Hopefully, one of the most fascist and incompetent administrations that this beautiful country has ever had will soon go away.


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