Students Work in a Scientific Center that Produces Drugs against COVID-19

This scientific institution of Mayabeque also contributes to the fight against the new Coronavirus, by manufacturing two of the 22 products to combat the virus: the recombinant liquid Interferon, from the CIGB, and Biomodulin T, a product of BIOCEN.

José Miguel Calderin is one of the protagonists of this story. He is a student at the Food and Pharmacy Institute of the house of higher studies.

“Being linked to BioCen is an honor, because its specialists put their knowledge and effort in the production of important products such as Biomodulin T, recombinant liquid Interferon and other drugs that are part of the therapeutic arsenal of medications that are used to combat the new coronavirus not only in Cuba, but in other parts of the world.

This student of the Pharmacy career considers that “it is a great opportunity to learn from BioCen professionals and enrich our studies on the way to a professional life.”

A young woman bets on waging the battle against COVID 19, she is Camila Rodríguez Martínez. She studied a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Biology Faculty of the University of Havana.

“We have received very in-depth training addressing topics that we did not know until now and that will serve us for future performance as professional workers.”

“We have received courses on how to work from production, complying with the necessary measures for good manufacturing practices.”

“I really feel very happy, grateful that they accepted the support and our will to do, in this way we are part of the efforts to eliminate a situation as complicated as the existence of COVID-19.”

“As a young man I am assuming a great responsibility, being part of the production of several of the medicines that are applied to patients infected with the virus.”

These and other young people star in the battle against Covid 19 from BioCen, an institution that is fundamentally developing these days, extensive research into new products for microbiological, allergy and anti-anemic diagnosis.


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