Extensive cloud of dust from the Sahara approaches Cuba

The clouds, which will turn the sky a milky hue, cause negative impacts on human health and on the environment.

Estimates made by experts say that this time the values of dust concentrations will be well above normal levels, only comparable with records from six decades ago.
This dust has turned the Caribbean into a true corridor of asthma and other respiratory diseases, especially in people over 65 and children aged up to four years, in addition to promoting the appearance of allergies and skin problems, according to Granma newspaper.
The note states that the air mass threatens coral reef populations and contributes to the proliferation of the so-called red tide events, associated with large blooms of algae.
It also has an impact on the appearance of pests in rice, beans, fruits, sugar cane and other crops.
This atmospheric condition presents particles harmful to human health, minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorous and mercury, in addition to viruses, bacteria and fungi, the text adds.

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