Havana performs massive PCR tests to detect Covid-19

The objective is to find possible cases in the so-called silent places, taking into account the geographical and mobility characteristics of Havana citizens, he said.

Dr. Duran assured that as part of the fight against coronavirus, tests in Havana will increase with the support of health workers, medical students and representatives of grass-roots organizations.

Cuba reported 24 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, totaling 2,670, and no deaths were registered for 22 consecutive days, the specialist stated.

Some 3,485 PCR tests in real time were performed on Sunday, totaling 274,474 samples so far since the first cases of the virus were detected on March 11, Duran stated.

Of those patients with the disease, some 207 are clinically stable, 2,373 were discharged from hospitals, two were evacuated to their countries of origin, and a patient is in a critical health condition.


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