Chilean people support Nobel Prize for Cuban doctors

Abelardo Castro Hidalgo, ex-president of Presidential Advisory Council for Education Quality under Michelle Bachelet, expressed his support to reward the ¨Henry Reeve¨ Cuban medical brigade ‘for their health contribution to dozens of nations, treating hundreds of thousands of people in difficult conditions, with a sense of solidarity among peoples not previously known.’

Castro Hidalgo, academic at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, also highlighted the spirit of sacrifice ‘unmatched in history’ of those doctors ‘who in difficult times they are an example of deep relation, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ‘.

Castro Hidalgo, who was also dean of the University of Concepción, finally sent his greetings to ‘those doctors who have achieved that many people with no possibility of saving their lives could have done so through internationalist and solidarity contribution of this brigade.’

However, Francisco (Pancho) Villa, renowned musician and troubadour, assured that ‘the way in which Cuba has shown solidarity with different nations is acknowledged worldwide, without expecting anything else in return than only recognition for their work, affection and friendship to Cuba’.


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