Sale of prepaid cards begins in Varadero and Coco Key for international travelers

These are not personalized, which means that they will not have the name of the user purchasing the product printed on them; they will only require a PIN number to carry out the transactions and therefore they will only be able to operate in POS which support this mechanism.

Non-resident travelers will be able to acquire them for values of 200, 500 and one thousand US dollars (USD), provided that the identification document (passport) is presented, and the cash is deposited in freely convertible currency (MLC), charging a commission of five USD for each card, after which a voucher is issued which must be kept.

These cards will not admit deposits or transfers from abroad, nor between similar cards or others that operate in dollars, the text clarifies.

It points out that users will be able to consult their balance, the last transactions made, change their PIN and withdraw cash in Cuban pesos (CUP) at the current exchange rate at ATMs.

The sale of these began yesterday and until June 20, 2021 they may be acquired by paying with any MLC accepted in CADECA, eliminating as from June 21 the possibility of acquiring them with USD.


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